Technical Product Manager

Technical Product Manager bring the experience to help companies structure the way of working across engineering teams, reduce the amount of competing priorities, and facilitate in building critical paths alongside product managers.  

Strength of a Product Manager is in being an enabler, helping coordinate delivery across teams, align the roadmap with technical capabilities and capacity, and provided insightful overviews to various teams.

Your mission will be supported by a strong group of engineering, designers and marketing specialists – delivering on a roadmap that helps to enable our product to evolve so it becomes ever more scalable, stable and joyful.


  • Help the team define its strategy, build alignment around that strategy, and enable all the teams around you to work together to deliver it
  • Focus on features that help grow our revenue, streamline our operations and develop the KPIs and feedback loops that allow us to continuously improve
  • Work hand in hand with engineering and design to make sure we always keep our eyes on the ball, maintaining at all times a critical path to delivering value fast. Work with other product managers to be sure we focus on the big-picture.
  • Turn feature releases into a repeatable process that can deliver quality results time after time
  • Participate in tasks including market research, prototyping, usability testing, customer feedback loops and data analysis
  • Write key documents including: roadmap documents, feature briefs, release notes
  • Maintain the right balance between effective processes and autonomous workflows

Expression of Interest

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